Hyperbase Live

Manage your hyperspin installs from anywhere. Have multiple systems all running our sync software? Tired of whipping out a keyboard every time to want to change your media sync settings? Welcome to HyperBase Live! With one simple interface you can manage all of your clients at once.

Mange all of your Hyperspin installs from one interface

Manage multiple clients

Users will install a simple client interface. Once installed, all settings will be managed and maintained in the cloud.

Manage all Hyperspin media

With full EmuMovies support and HyperBase, all of your media syncs at once.

New media type support

As new media types such as hyperlaunch media become available; HyperBase live users will be the first to have access.

Automatic database updates

HyperBase Live will keep up with database changes for you. With this feature enabled, users will get updates as they go live

Open API

Are you a developer? Do you understand the basics of REST? We will be offering an API for all developers that wish to create their own interface or integrate with existing software.

Coming Soon: Mobile support

Are all these features not enough? Well we will be offering mobile phone and tablet support in the coming months. So stay tuned!